With the General Elections in the United Kingdom set to take place this June 8th, political parties across the UK are now scrambling to win the votes of their electorate. In the midst of all that is a Member of Parliament named James Cleverly who did something clever with his election promises.

Instead of releasing a manifesto on paper, on an infographic or on a single webpage, he took to his Twitter account to tell his voters what to expect if they re-elect him. While a good number of his Tweets contained “serious” election promises, there were these:

“If re-elected on 8th June I’ll continue to do silly things for charity every now and then”

Maybe we’ll see him in a Red Nose day skit if he gets reelected, who knows?

“If reelected on 8th June I’ll continue to stare at clever students and apprentices doing things I don’t really understand.”

Us too, James, us too.

“If reelected on 8th June I’ll continue to pop up on the telly every now and then.”

Maybe if he gets reelected enough, the BBC could consider letting him present UK’s points for Eurovision.┬áHe does sound and look good and he voted Remain. That should make him a hit across Europe.

“If reelected on 8th June I’ll continue to cut ribbons with MASSIVE scissors”

At this point, you may be unable to decide if he’s in it for real or for the lulz – but rest assured, he’s in it for real.

“If reelected on 8th June I’ll continue to post silly pictures from work”

Maybe open a Snapchat account while you’re at it?

“If reelected on 8th June I’ll continue to surprise old ladies”

Pretty sure that would remind you of that time he admitted that he’d like to snog British Prime Minister Theresa May.┬áThat admission came back to haunt him first at a meeting he went to, where the British PM (then the Home Secretary) was present.

Recently, it haunted him again when a journalist brought up to the British PM about how he wanted to snog her:


Whether it’s going to be his dedication to his constituents, his funny election promises or his huge crush for the Prime Minister of the UK – or all of the above, that could help him score an electoral victory; this is probably what all of you have to say right now: