Earlier today, Michael Christian Martinez treated his fans to a live chat to celebrate his return to the Philippines from Finland. The livechat was simultaneously done in Facebook Live and Instagram Live under SM Skating’s Facebook account and Michael’s Instagram account.

Aside from greeting fans and giving tips to fans who want to enter figure skating, Michael Christian Martinez also made two big revelations pertaining to his career and to his life in general.

1. He plans to train in Canada for the 2018 Winter Olympics


To those who caught up with his press conference prior to the livechat, you would find out that he is planning to train in Canada for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  At 10:47 of the live chat footage, a fan asked him in the livechat about where in Canada would he train in, to which he answered “Oh where in Canada? Where Yuzuru trains, I’ll be there. I’ll probably be skating with Yuzuru, most likely.” 

Fun fact: The part of Canada where Yuzuru Hanyu trains in is in Toronto so it is likely that Michael would also be training in Toronto.

2. He plans to take an online course in Business Law after the 2018 Winter Olympics


Well actually, that plan of his is going to start even before the 2018 Winter Olympics. At 12:29 of the footage of his livechat, a fan asks him about his plans to enter Law School, to which he answered “Yes, I’m trying to do, actually, on the 12th when I get back to the States, I’ll be going to college online. Yeah, I’ll be taking up Business Law.”

3. He is now learning how to speak Russian


In 09:19 of the footage of his livechat, a fan asked him if he was still learning any other languages, to which he answered – “Yes, I’m trying to learn Russian and mostly Japanese. I’m not really fluent on Japanese yet but I’m trying my best to learn Russian and Japanese.”

Watch the full footage of his livechat with his fans here: