Upcoming solo artist Camila Cabello may be in the early stages of her career but she has already gained various fandoms around the world and a meme page.

Enter Camemela Cabello, the product of two Filipino Camilizers’ love for Camila Cabello and memes

The admins, known as camilabanana and CabellOntario are the people behind the page and in less than a month, the page has already gained almost a hundred likes – not bad for a newly-established meme page!

The content of Camemela Cabello are usually in photos and videos. In fact, one of the first posts made by the page was a Camila Cabello parody of MTRCB’s “Piracy is a Crime” infomercial.

The parody used scenes from the music video to “Bad Things” as well as original footage from the infomercial that it parodied.

This is not the only time of course, that a Filipino meme was incorporated into the page’s posts. A Jolina Magdangal meme is also present among the page’s posts:

These are two instances of the page’s admins making references to the country they come from in the Camila Cabello memes that they post. It is a well known fact that a good portion of Camila’s fandom comes from the Philippines – hence the reason why the page incorporates Camila Cabello memes with Filipino memes.

In addition to that, there’s also this meme that came out after Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony called out Camren shippers (for the uninitiated: people who ship Camila with Lauren Jauregui) on their delusional creepiness:

And there’s this meme for the people who got caught in Montreal’s snowstorm two weeks ago:

And oh, a tribute to Camila’s never-ending love for bananas to top it all off!

There’s a meme for everyone in Camemela Cabello and if you’re a fan of Camila Cabello (and memes), give them a like here!